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The Scuola dello Sport (Sport Impact, Sport e Salute) will organize a one-day webinar, focused on “Women, Leadership & Sport”, starting from 9.15/30am to 4.30pm on Tuesday/May 16th.

Leaders in their respective fields will participate in the debate. Multiple perspectives and multiple voices will join the reflection and the conversation will converge on three strategic pillars:

  • Personal stories: we will ask each speaker to introduce their personal story as they are all paradigmatic examples of leadership; we will interrogate them on the critical points of their personal path, on the enablers they met and the mistakes they potentially did;
  • Professional lives: we will continue navigating complexity and leadership in their professional fields, posing questions and challenging conventional wisdom;
  • The Agenda of the Future (personal and/or professional lessons learnt, future directions and future programs): we will give them the possibility to articulate a vision for the future – either from their corporate/institutional perspective or from their personal/human perspective.

Mixing professional walks of life, professional fields of interest and personal stories will enable us to extrapolate the essence of the title of this webinar which links together Women + Leadership + Sport.

Click here for information on the registration and the possibility to participate

Click here for the (provisional) program of the webinar

Speakers will include – and the list will grow as we receive their final confirmation:

Please note that the format will follow the scheme of the second edition and,-leadership-sport%E2%80%9D-seconda-edizione-alla-scuola-dello-sport.html